Do something special on your next trip abroad. Volunteering for digital nomads means you can join a program and make a bigger impact on the world.


A disaster relief effort powered by volunteers and rebuilding hope for people who have been impacted by natural disasters, all over the world.


Inspirational travel in Southern Africa, where you can join a social enterprise or a responsible tour, and be part of an experience that changes your life.


A relationship-based non-profit that looks to create opportunities for unique interactions between traveling volunteers and local organizations.


A worldwide program sending medical professionals where the need is greatest, sending aid to communities affected by conflict, epidemics and disaster.


Built by the team at HelpStay, it’s a platform to connect individual travellers with organizations needing volunteers.


Programs to teach and volunteer abroad, so you can have an actual experience when you travel instead of just visiting the landmarks.


A platform that allows adventure travellers to give back to the places they visit, with an in-kind donation instead of money.


Unique opportunities and exciting programs to study, intern, volunteer or teach abroad, all over the world.


A series of programs that have been carefully curated to offer excellent yet affordable volunteer and ecological-minded vacations for people who want to give back.


A database of volunteer organizations all over the world to help travellers connect to causes and local communities wherever they travel.


A database of worldwide opportunities for volunteers, with over 400 projects on wildlife and environmental conservation.


Cultural immersion programs for both adults and teens, to give you an experience that changes your life, with homestay and volunteer options.


A database of farms, homesteads, ranches, lodges, hostels and even a couple of sailing boats who offer food and board for volunteers.


A tool for connecting idealists with opportunities to do good, there’s over 100,000 organizations looking for volunteers.


Make a positive change in our world by joining a program that seeks to educate the poor, and educate the educated about the poor.


With programs in over 30 destinations, there’s plenty of options for people seeking to experience a volunteer vacation, or assist a local community.


A free platform for travelling volunteers to search and find projects, charities and causes that need help, all over the world.


Programs to help you connect with a country, and do something worthwhile while you’re travelling there, they’ve got something for everyone.


A chance to immerse yourself in a community abroad, and make a difference by taking hands-on, grassroots-level action with local change makers.


Structured programs that provide the perfect platform to see the world, engage in meaningful volunteer work and make a positive impact.


A provider of responsible wildlife experiences, promoting the tour operators and non-profits that operate sustainably and have committed to conservation.


Life-changing travel experiences for people who want to make a difference, combining meaningful volunteer work helping animals with eco-adventures.


A platform to connect volunteers with free or low-cost international programs, along with the resources you need to make your perfect trip happen.


A way to connect with community-based service groups all over the world, along with volunteer programs you can join to really make a difference.


A list of free and low-cost volunteer opportunities in South and Central America, for travellers looking to volunteer abroad without the agency fees.


Volunteer and internships in over 20 destinations, so you can have an incredible experience while giving back to a local organisation.


Programs to combine travel and volunteering so you can get the best of both worlds on your next trip, and serve your passion with a purpose.


A volunteering and cultural exchange program that connects volunteers to local communities needing help in 155 countries around the world.


Get food, accommodation and learning in exchange for working the land on organic farms, gardens and smallholdings.

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