Is it time to start freelancing and ditch your full-time job?

As one of the greatest cash earning methods available to everyone on the planet with Internet access, freelancing is gaining momentum with an insane number of people showing interest in it.

With the information gathered by Zeqr in the infographic you’ll see down below this intro, it is more than certain to convince you to try freelancing and quite possibly ditch your full-time job. In no time, you’ll be looking for ways to achieve the ultimate work-life balance with the help of lifestyle experts!


freelancing for digital nomads

One unfortunate thing about freelancing in general is copied over from real life – you will definitely face competition once you begin applying to jobs you found to be most attractive, but we strongly advise you not to give up.

The infographic highlights a drastic increase of freelancers in the US alone, which by pure logic means that there are more and more freelancing jobs available on the market. To be more specific, we are talking about 2 million people who decided to make the move towards freelancing and give it a shot.

Almost two thirds of all interviewed freelancers say that working on part-time duties and projects remotely was by pure choice, not because they were forced to or due to a necessity. People all across the United States think freelancing is the way to go, and it reflects on the rest of the world.

On the other hand, full-time freelancers enjoy their benefits, as well.

They work with less stress and more relaxation when compared to their full-time, 9-5 workers. They work wherever they choose to, with cafes being their most frequent location. An average freelancer works 36 hours per week, and traditional workers work 40 hours.

Another fantastically satisfying thing about the freelance market is that one half of all US freelancers says that there is no amount of money CEOs can offer them to convince them to go back to traditional 9-5 jobs.

Last, but not least, 80% of people say that when comparing traditional work, freelancers feel

  • more respected
  • empowered to give everything they got
  • far more engaged to work for their online clients.

An average full-time worker will almost never say that.

So, seeing that freelancers often earn more money than they would with a full-time job with a 40-minute drive from home, what do you think about freelancing? Are you ready to freelance like a king and join the rise of this trend in 2017?


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