The programs that make life on the road a little easier. See our recommendations for the best software for digital nomads. It’ll be worth it.


A chrome plugin to turn Gmail into a task manager, to track sent emails, set up a better folder system, delay sending, and add “due dates” to help you reach inbox zero.


An app for getting things done, it’s a to-do list and task manager with a simple and easy-to-use design, so you can better plan your day.


A backup tool that works for both Windows and Mac users, to store all of your computer’s files securely, encrypted and in the cloud.


A project management tool to help you track the work being done in your team, so you can ensure you’re staying on track, from wherever you are in the world.


The world’s biggest library of audio books. For a monthly membership fee you get a new book every month.


A project management and organizational tool which keeps all of your communication on a project in a single place, to give you a single version of the truth.


A Gmail tool that allows you to set reminders on your email (for you and if you don’t get a reply), and to schedule emails to be sent at a later time.


An app for tracking time and attendance, allowing your staff to “clock in” so you always know when and where they are working.


A business card reader app to capture the details, and save the contact information quickly and accurately in your contacts list.


A tool to create beautiful designs and documents. Use a simple drag-and-drop feature to create consistently stunning graphics.


A tool that makes it easy to map out your ideas, in a cohesive manner. Think of it like a giant whiteboard covered in sticky notes.


An app for reminders and organizing your to-do list, so you can be more productive when you’re travelling on the road.


CRM software to manage your sales process, so you can increase productivity in your team by keeping all of your communication in a single place.


A screen capture tool that makes it simple to capture and share snippets from your screen, so you can show your team – exactly what you need to.


Use this website to recreate the buzz of a coffee shop, giving you background noise that boosts your creativity and helps you to stay focused.


ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn.


A calendar to plan, promote and execute your social media strategy, so you can get organized in one single place.


A journaling app (designed for Apple users) that lets you record and store everything from big events and everyday moments.


A productivity app you can use to manage your employees, to track client work done and find then eliminate wasted time.


A Chrome browser extension that works in tools like Gmail, LinkedIn (and more), giving you the contact details and social media profiles of your contacts.


The #1 app for electronic signatures and approvals, use this to access, sign and send important documents from your desk, on the road, or everywhere in between.


An app for fast and accurate dictation, it’s one of the easiest ways to improve your productivity as it’s 3x faster than typing and is 99% accurate.


Starting from a free plan, use Dropbox to get all the cloud storage space you need.


An app for both PC and Mac that allows you to turn an iPad into a second display for your laptop.


A website providing a 24/7 mail service with photos of your unopened mail, where you can choose to open, scan or recycle it.


An app for jotting down ideas and inspiration, whatever you record is instantly available across all your devices, so you can find it again fast.


An easy way to handle expense reporting for your business, you can set up rules for auto-approvals and get the money back in your staff’s accounts the next day.


Reduce eyestrain with this program that adapts your display to the time of the day. It’s particularly good for those up all night working on their laptops.


Never get lost in an airport again, as the app instantly connects you to Wi-Fi, grants access to lounges and even offers special deals on food and shopping.


An app that uses music to help you focus, with over 50 channels of exclusive remixes designed to keep you “in-the-zone” for longer.


Accounting software designed specifically for small businesses. It makes billing easy, so you can spend less time doing the books, and more time working on your business.


A communication platform for global businesses, helping you keep your employees connected, no matter where in the world they are.


Get a professional email address, with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and an easy ability to access your mails from any device or computer.


A free suite of tools that allows you to work online and access them from anywhere. Create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.


Cloud storage solutions that allow you a secure backup for your files, photos, videos and more, which you can open and edit from any device.


A minimalistic competitor to Evernote, it’s a note-taking service that allows you to capture, edit and share your notes across devices.


An app to share your location with “trusted contacts.” Ping your friends when you feel unsafe, or allow your friends to find you in an emergency.


Get a single U.S. number for all your phones, with call forwarding and voicemail services they’ve also got low rates for international calls.


A VoIP service that uses an app to turn your smartphone into a business line, setting up everything from toll numbers to vanity lines.


A HR management tool for your team, keeping all important admin info in a single place, while managing your deductions, time off, and everything else.


A time-tracking tool to keep your projects on time and on budget, create and send invoices, and forecast future work.


A meditation app to help you focus, with a free 10 minute program and a membership plan to access their entire library of content.


Eliminate your need for a fax machine, with a program that allows you to conveniently send and receive faxes online.


An app to improve your writing, it shows you which sentences are hard to read, options for simplifying your writing, and any use of passive voice.


A peer-to-peer VPN service that allows you to browse the web privately and securely, for free.


Create “applets” that combine your favorite services together, so you can boost efficiency and do more with the services you love.


A free screen-sharing tool that allows you to collaborate instantly with clients, partners, prospects, and suppliers, just like being there.


A lean project management tool, use a board to get an overview of the current situation, by visualizing the project it makes communication easier and boosts productivity.


A password management tool that works across devices, you only need to remember the master password to your “vault” and the tool does the rest.


A messaging and video call platform that allows you to send group texts and messages to anyone, anywhere in the world.


A website that allows you to write a letter and they’ll take care of the printing, posting and the rest.


Email marketing software that easily integrates with your website, so you can start building and growing your email list.


Use this tool to scour the web for you, you’ll get a notification on email as soon as your keywords are mentioned online. Like your brand. Or a competitor’s.


A money management app that helps you create and stick to a budget, as well as tips to take control of your financial independence.


A time tracking app where you set specific amounts of time you want to dedicate to a particular task, then the app monitors your progress on it.


A task management app that helps you to regain control of your day, ignore what’s irrelevant and get more done.


A payment app that makes it easy to issue an invoice and get paid, wherever you’re doing business in the world.


A mail scanning service which will scan and email your letters to you, so you never miss an important piece of mail again.


An offline reader that allows you to save articles and video to watch later, without the need for an internet connection.


An office suite that makes it easy to read and edit documents on all your devices, sync via the cloud, and share what you’ve been working on.


A streaming service that allows you to watch movies and television shows online, for free.


A membership that allows you to access over 1,000 airport lounges, so wherever you’re travelling, you’re almost certain there’s a lounge waiting.


The simple way to post a job, they’ll duplicate your listing across all the major job boards so you can find the perfect staff.


Set up push notifications from your favorite applications and web services, so you never miss an update from your must-read blogs or news sites.


One of the most popular accounting solutions, it’s easy to setup custom invoices, track what’s been paid and record your expenses.


An extension that provides you with more information about your Gmail and LinkedIn contacts, ideal when you’re looking to make a pitch or close a deal.


A time recording tool that helps you understand where you’re spending your time online, so you can adjust, get focused and be more productive.


Right Inbox is a chrome extension that allows you to track emails, schedule emails to be sent later or set up email sequences.


An online writing studio, it helps you to format and structure long and difficult documents (like that book you’re planning) so you can knock out your first draft.


A shopping service that allows you to make purchases in the U.S. and have the products shipped to you, wherever you are in the world.


An app that makes it easy to sign documents on any device, with software that’s as binding as a handwritten signature.


An app for making free video calls and chats, they’ve also got options for businesses and cheap international calling rates to landlines and cell phones.


A chatroom-style app that makes it easy to organize conversations in your team, share files, and reduce the amount of internal emails you get.


Add your content and let their software turn it into a beautifully designed presentation.


A payment app that lets you invoice your customers for a small fee, or connect it to your debit card so you can send money to friends and family for free.


A simple tool that forces you to take a break from your laptop or device. Configure your own settings, and you’re good to go.


This tool allows you to take control of another person’s computer, remotely, which makes it ideal for customer support sessions when you’re out of the country.


A simple to-do list app that’s accessible across all of your devices, you can even share the tasks with people and collaborate to get larger projects done.


An easy expense tracking tool designed for the iPhone and iPad, it’s fast and makes it easy to track your spending so you can focus on the fun.


Don’t let the banks kill you with fees when sending money abroad, use TransferWise because it’s an average of 8 times cheaper to send money internationally.


A project management tool that uses boards, lists and cards to better organize and prioritize your projects within your team.


Collect all of your travel plans in a single app, to create a “master itinerary” which you can access in any of your devices, even without an internet connection.


An app that allows you to book private drivers in a single click, in many countries all over the world.


An app that allows you to make free calls and send free texts and pictures to other Viber users.


A service to get a real US address to receive your mail, which you can view online and manage no matter where you are.


An app to structure your work into short bursts of distraction-free, highly focused work, then giving you a break so you can reflect and recharge.


Email finding software that can put you in touch with real decision makers, whether your trying to reach out to blogs, build links, contact authors and spread your digital content.


An accounting tool that lets you accept credit cards, create and send professional invoices, and track outstanding payments.


One of the most widely used chat apps, they let you send messages to other users for free, and also make calls to other WhatsApp users.


A digital notebook that allows you to create and save lists, so you can get organized and be more productive.


Use this app to get the wifi login credentials for airports and lounges all over the world. It’s also available offline, so you can use it when you travel.


A world clock and time zone converter, it makes planning meetings simple, even if you’ve got attendees from all over the world.


Stop making guesses on exchange rates when you travel, use this free app and get real-time updates on the latest exchange rates.


A software that integrates with either your Google or iCloud calendar, giving you a personalized scheduling page so customers can book your time online.


A unique piece of software that allows you to connect different apps (over 750 so far) so they can share data and work better, together.


A VPN program that lets you browse the internet privately and securely, with servers in 20 countries so you’ll always be able to find a fast connection.


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