My journey to become a digital nomad

Four years ago all I wanted to do was become a digital nomad. I wanted freedom!

At that time I was working as a Receptionist and Finger Printer in a small office near Seattle. The position was part-time, and my pay was just above minimum wage. I’ve had in so many low-paying jobs in my life, but this one was definitely the last one.

I discovered that many people were living a life of freedom by working from anywhere, using just their laptop and a connection to the internet. After figuring out how to make money as a freelancer, I started to live my dream life and became a digital nomad. Now I spend my time traveling, or in Morocco, where I’m building a home.

Let me share with you three ways you can become a digital nomad yourself.

Creating websites with WordPress

One day a friend came to look at my first attempts at building a blog on WordPress. She was so impressed that she told her boss and he asked me if I could rebuild their corporate website, featuring custom million dollar homes.

I was hesitant, but decided to take on the challenge. They liked their new site so much that I was asked to build two more! After calculating how much their former webmaster charged they decided to pay me $200 a month to host, update, and maintain three websites.

This was my ticket, and just a few months later I started traveling internationally and living as a digital nomad.

If you like, you can offer your services to make WordPress websites for a small businesses or people that you know.

Believe me, it’s easy.

You’ll find that most people either don’t have a website, have a website that doesn’t function well, or have one that wasn’t finished by their webmaster. These people may feel desperate and frustrated.

Charge what you feel comfortable to charge, or see our guide for setting your freelance rates. I like to meet with the client, agree on a price, then discuss the message and essence of their company or theme for the website. Find out details, logos, photos, descriptions and information that you need. I ask for half of the money before starting work. The other half is due when the website is complete.

When you have finished meet with the client again to give them their username and password to the WordPress dashboard, and collect the rest of your pay.

If you are going to host this website, and do updates then you should add a monthly or yearly fee for the webhosting and website maintenance.

You can build a couple for free websites to get the energy going. Share your newly created sites on Facebook and ask for ideas. You’ll be amazed with how many people need a website, and if you create a beautiful site for them within a couple of days, they will be delighted.

Start publishing on Kindle

A few years ago I wrote a book for learning how to read and write the Arabic alphabet.

I published it on Amazon’s Kindle. Publishing on Kindle is one of the cornerstones for creating a solid, passive income that will be sustainable for years.

At one point my book became the Number One Bestseller in two categories. My little alphabet primer steadily brings money straight into my bank account every month. This stream of income is slowly increasing, without any more energy on my part once it was written.

It’s easier than you might think to make money by publishing your own books on Amazon. You don’t need any experience. You can write in your own name or use a pen name. Master the steps to Kindle success.

Here is the step-by-step map for publishing Kindle books:

  1. Identify some great niche subjects to write about. Ideally, you will find a niche that has a high amount of searches, with a low amount of competition or a hot, trending topic.
  2. Go to Amazon and do a search for books in that niche to identify the top seven keyword phrases. You’ll see them in the Search box. They can help you rank high in Amazon searches.
  3. Brainstorm about the most important points that you want to share. Gather information on the subject and write your book.
  4. Plan some prelaunch promotion and launch for your new book. Talk about it!
  5. Write your final draft so that it has Kindle’s formatting.
  6. Add a description and keyword phrases. Publish your book on Kindle.
  7. Promote your book, and start making some money.
  8. Find another niche subject and write your next book!

Write like you’re having a conversation with your reader, or with someone who is a wonderful friend. (Imagine your perfect reader, if you don’t have someone like this in your life.)

Some authors perform their book in front of an audience, or for friends, and record their performance. For some chapters in my first book I recorded myself on a smart phone, and then typed up the transcript later. Recording your book makes it into a very easy read.

Your book cover design is important. This cover image will be reduced to a thumbnail-size picture on Amazon. You can design your own cover if you feel confident in your design skills, or hire another freelancer.

Create digital products

If you have experience or knowledge and would love to share it with the world, then go for it!

You can combine talents, passions and knowledge into your key message for the planet. Take time to develop your brand, and trust that it will come together for you in perfect timing.

Figure out how to package your gifts in digital forms. Create digital products, such as ebooks or ecourses that can lead someone through a positive transformational process.

Another lucrative option is to create a membership website or a mastermind group, and also offer private coaching sessions. Publish a book, build a following! You can provide live events such as webinars, podcasts, workshops, and much more for your growing tribe. There’s many successful digital nomad’s out there following this strategy to the letter, all you need to do is follow it to become a digital nomad too.

The trick to it all though, is just getting started. Start building your brand, start building your online presence, and start making a real impact on the world.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way.


About the author

Madeleine Alchemy is a traveling Author, Life Coach, and Artist from the Seattle area who currently lives in Ouzoud, Morocco. Find out more about her upcoming book Magnetic Alchemist at


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