Authentic Jobs

by Team Nomadstack
Last updated: Jan 25, 2017

Overall: 4 stars

TL;DR: Job board for developers, designers and creatives.

Authentic Jobs is a job board that connects creative-minded people to some of the leading brands in their industries. This is where big-brands like Apple, Facebook, Mercedes Benz and Tesla turn when they need help.

Not bad for a side project that spawned out of a blog. Founder Cameron Moll started connecting employers to candidates via a form on his design website, which sparked the idea for the job board.

Their key focus is on finding the right people for a team, and they have a neat little filter which allows you to browse remote opportunities only.


The Good

  • Free for job seekers to apply for as many positions as they like.
  • You can find freelance gigs in the platform.
  • Great range of filters including “Remote Only”

The Bad

  • Niche job board that’s really only good for web or application developers
  • Have to get inside each listing to see its posted date
  • Many of the positions aren’t open about their salary on offer

What I think

One the surface looks like a great job board if you’re into web or app design and development. This is where you need to be. The filters help you seek specific salaries or project fees, and you can filter based on a number of skills too.



Really though, you’ve got to be a designer or a developer if you want to make the most of this platform.

What’s it cost?

It’s free for job seekers to apply for as many positions as they like. Should you want to advertise for a role, it starts from $100, but goes up to $400 if you’re accepting all types of employees. They’re nice though, and have a full money-back guarantee if you weren’t happy with your results.


What they offer

The team at Authentic Jobs is rather big about their manifesto. From being honest and upfront, to ensuring customer satisfaction and connecting the best talent to the best companies, they’ve actually got a list of 10 things they expect new hires to know.

Whilst this is great, in essence they’re just a job board for web people.

My experience

Taking a look at the remote jobs on offer, it’s clear this platform is catering for developers. About 80% of the remote listings are for technical roles, which is great if you’re a coder or looking for your next programming gig.

If not, you’re going to struggle finding jobs to apply for.


On a side note – I really like the design of the site, you can see that the team has put significant time into getting this right.

Unexpected benefit

Just like We Work Remotely they post all of their positions on their Twitter feed as they go live, but you can also setup a nifty little email notification. Simply search out everything you need with all the filters, and then subscribe. Any jobs that match will be sent straight into your inbox, helping you to stay organized in your job search.


Unexpected problem

The site is just a little bit too niche. If you’re not a developer or a designer you’re not going to get much out of their platform. A search for copywriting positions (one of their main filters) for example yielded no results, while there were stacks of available positions for back-end engineers.


Of particular note

A new development I rather like is their sister-site, dubbed Authentic Pros. It’s kind of like LinkedIn, as you can go in and create a profile, and connect all of your other social accounts. Their goal is to bring all of your portfolios together in a single place.


As of right now, it’s not yet connected to Authentic Jobs (but will be soon) making it far easier to apply for jobs through the platform. Plus, even if your not looking for work, having another profile out their does increase your exposure, just in case the right opportunity comes along.


Final Word

Authentic Jobs is really great if you’re in the web application and development space, as most of their positions cater to this niche. I wish it was a little easier to filter out “old” jobs from the listings, but you could do just as well by setting up a custom set of filters and then getting an email notification every time a new job that fits gets posted.

Overall: 4 stars

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