Use these resources and start making money online. Like legitimately. There’s everything from design competitions to translation work, coding and more, so there’s no more excuses. See our jobs for digital nomads and break free of the nine to five.

Use these to become a freelancer on your own terms, or find a full-time remote job.

My advice? Start with Remote OK if you want a full-time digital nomad job, or Upwork* if you’re headed down the freelance route.

*I know Upwork isn’t the most loved platform, but it can be a good way to ensure you’ve got some money coming in while you build your portfolio. It just takes time to find the diamonds in the rough, and there’s a whole lot of rough. 


An online marketplace connecting designers to clients, you simply sign up and you can start submitting designs for projects. Win and get paid!

For: Designers


Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs. Australian-based, they also have remote opportunities.

For: Everyone


AngelList is a website for startups, and there’s plenty of opportunities in great companies, simply filter your job search results by “Open to working remotely.”

For: Everyone


Covering everything from UI/UX design to management, there’s also a nifty little function to find remote jobs only.

For: Everyone


Built by Adobe, it’s a platform for designers to showcase their work and find new opportunities across a wide range of creative categories.

For: Designers


You need to apply to get into this curated community of designers, after which you can show off your work, and apply to the jobs posted.

For: Designers


Another curated community of freelancers. Once you’re in you get access to all of their “hand-picked jobs” and can show off your portfolio.

For: Everyone


Be careful of the scams, but Craigslist can be a great place for a new freelancer to land their first gigs, and get some experience.

For: Everyone


A competition-style marketplace for designers, but they also run competitions to brainstorm company names which is rather fun.

For: Designers


A marketplace for logo design, web design and coming up with company names, they do have an approval process to ensure the best freelancers get through.

For: Designers


Another competition-based marketplace for designers, they’ve got quality standards to adhere to but it’s easy to get approved.

For: Designers


Job board primarily for engineers and developers, offering positions in a number of U.S. based companies. Just choose the “telecommuting” option.

For: Developers


A job board for designers, but you will see the odd writing, marketing or development project. Select “Remote / Anywhere” to see the open positions.

For: Designers


A curated group of freelancers, you’ll need to submit your interest here and wait for the Envato team to contact you.

For: Designers, Developers and Audio Engineers



A portal for startups to seek and find staff, they’ve got opportunities the world over in everything from UI/UX design to business development and engineering.

For: Everyone


A marketplace for anyone to sell a product or service, starting from $5 a job. You just need to apply, put together a profile and start selling.

For: Everyone


Screened listings for the best telecommuting and freelance jobs, though you do have to pay a small fee to access the listings.

For: Everyone


Created by a freelancer for freelancers, it’s a platform for finding new and exciting projects across a wide range of categories.

For: Everyone


Join the top 1% of freelance talent and avoid competing with hordes of less experienced workers, catch the eye of employers and secure more work.

For: Everyone


The best network for writers to land a new job, they’ve also got resources, guides and advice for becoming a better writer.

For: Writers


One of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces, with jobs available across a broad range of categories.

For: Everyone


If you’re bilingual you can use this platform to find translation work. Just pass the tests and you can start work straight away.

For: Translators


With a goal to connect clients with the world’s best developers, designers, and product managers, expect a tough selection process but awesome opportunities.

For: Designers and Developers


A job portal for finding full-time software engineers and developers, there’s a handful of remote positions which come up.

For: Developers


Demonstrate your ability to code with your GitHub portfolio and get access to this curated community and their projects

For: Developers


A freelance marketplace where you can demonstrate your portfolio, and also apply to open jobs available through their platform.

For: Everyone


A popular forum thread that comes out each month. Users post available full-time positions, with many offering the ability to work remote.

For: Developers (mostly)


A job board covering everything from content to marketing to SEO, they’ve got some great opportunities for remote workers who aren’t designers or developers.

For: Everyone


One of the leading website for job search. While their main focus in on traditional work, you can find remote positions from companies the world over.

For: Everyone


When you want a break but don’t want to put your career on hold, take a “jobbatical” and fill a short-term position in companies all over the world.

For: Everyone


JobRack is the first specialized remote work job board for freelancers only from Eastern Europe, and is free to sign up to and start using.

For: Everyone (in Eastern Europe)


A job board specifically for remote positions, you can find everything from software engineering, to marketing and copywriting jobs.

For: Everyone


Calling itself the “Holy Grail” for designers seeking work, the platform basically a community of designers who refer each other new projects.

For: Designers


A job board and portfolio hosting website for the creative industry, connecting candidates with some of the world’s best brands.

For: Designers


A job board with a focus on technical roles, and they’ve got a search functionality to filter the remote positions available.

For: Developers


A freelance marketplace with a twist, their goal is to find freelancers in your location, which is great if you’re working from a major city!

For: Everyone


A curated freelance marketplace, that doesn’t take a fee for its services. You need a good portfolio to get in.

For: Designers and Developers


A freelance marketplace matching remote workers the world over with opportunities, along with a platform to promote their services (AKA “hourlies”)

For: Everyone


Job board helping females find jobs in tech companies and startups that value diversity, and match your lifestyle needs.

For: Developers (mostly)


Started as a project to help bloggers make money, they’ve got a great job board for writers wanting both full-time and freelance positions.

For: Writers


A forum-style site listing opportunities for freelance translators, though there’s also the odd editing and proof-reading job too.

For: Translators


Another freelance marketplace, though this one charges a $5 fee when you’ve been offered/accept a project.

For: Everyone


Built as a resource for remote workers, they’ve got a great job board that includes categories like customer service, sales and even education.

For: Everyone


An aggregator that pulls remote opportunities from a number of other job boards, they’ve also got a subscribe button to email you the new jobs each day.

For: Everyone


A job board focused on finding remote work for software engineers, developers and all other techies.

For: Developers


Subscribe and get emails with tips and opportunities for remote workers, and they’ve also got a job board filled with a wide variety of listings.

For: Everyone


A platform for developers seeking full-time remote work to find their next opportunity.

For: Developers


A job board focused on telecommuting and work-from-home opportunities, ideal for the remote worker, even if you’re just getting started.

For: Everyone


A job board for web designers and developers, they’ve got both full-time positions and freelance gigs available.

For: Designers and Developers


With a goal to deliver projects within four hours, you’ve got to be good (and fast) to succeed in this freelance marketplace.

For: Designers and Writers (mostly)


A job board for developers, they’ve also got a filter which allows you to easily filter out full-time remote positions.

For: Developers


Primarily a community site for the European startup community, they’ve also got a job board listing full-time remote positions in startups around the world.

For: Everyone


A job board listing full-time positions from startups and companies willing to hire you (from abroad) and bring you to their country.

For: Developers


Created as a resource to give candidates a behind-the-scenes look into an organisation, they’ve got a job board you can filter by remote/flexible opportunities.

For: Everyone


A job board listing a variety of different remote working opportunities for those seeking either a full-time or freelance gig.

For: Everyone


A platform that enables bloggers with an audience to connect to brands wanting to reach that audience.

For: Bloggers


With a tough screening process to ensure only the best get through, this freelance marketplace attracts high caliber projects.

For: Designers, Developers and Finance


One of the largest freelance marketplaces, formed after the merger of ODesk and Elance. Projects from a wide variety of categories are available.

For: Everyone


Apply through Underdog and they’ll send your details to startups on your behalf, to help you find the perfect position.

For: Developers (mostly)


Created by the team who wrote “Remote,” it’s a job board listing remote working opportunities across a wide variety of categories.

For: Everyone


A remote job board listing mostly opportunities for developers, they do have a handful of positions across categories like design and marketing.

For: Everyone


A job board designed for digital nomads, they’ve got a wide variety of opportunities across categories like management and sales, in addition to development and design.

For: Everyone


A freelance marketplace focused on finding opportunities across Latin America.

For: Everyone


A job board listing freelance and full-time positions for those who know their way around WordPress.

For: Designers and Developers (WordPress)


A curated freelance marketplace, where you’ll need to register and get your portfolio approved before you can apply for jobs.

For: Everyone


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