Are your digital nomad resolutions a wish list or a “GET IT DONE” list?

I came across a startling figure this morning. Only 8 percent of us will actually stick to our resolutions. Now while I initially thought how wrong that figure was, it got me thinking about my digital nomad resolutions.

It got me thinking about last year. At this time. And all the things I planned to do.

Now don’t get me wrong. Despite the dud year 2016 turned out to be overall, I am pretty happy with my progress. Things got done. Like actually launching Nomad Stack. Landing my first five-figure contract. Then a couple more. Moving my home base to a whole other country (again). Plus three new countries ticked off my travel list, and a whole bunch of time spent in my favorite places. Oh and seeing my daughter start to grow up.

2016 was a good year.

But looking back, I am wondering if I could have done more. It’s nice think we’re all special snowflakes, but if you actually want to achieve something worthwhile, you need to work for it. You need to make it work. You need a plan to smash 2017 out of the park.

That’s what I need.

Setting my own digital nomad resolutions

Instead of winging it and letting fate direct where I land, it’s time to get serious.

So I took the afternoon off. Sidenote – it was great.

What's your digital nomad resolutions this year?

It gave me time to think. And plan. And come to some bigger realizations about what I want to achieve this year. I wrote a few things down, but that’s not the kicker. I was trying to figure out why these digital nomad resolutions are important to me, and by questioning everything I hit one single truth.

I want my family to live an even better life.

That’s it.

When it’s all boiled down that’s all that was left. Every single resolution I had written down was tied into this theme.

And there’s power in this realization.

There will be times during the year that things suck. When you’re a digital nomad things go wrong. Perhaps you lose a big account. Maybe your luggage gets stolen. Hackers could brick your laptop. You may lose your way under a fountain of Pina Colada’s on a tropical beach somewhere.

Whatever it is, you will get sidetracked.

The trick is to not let a speed-bump knock you off the path. And if you know the reason you’re putting in the long hours, it becomes far easier. To go take some more travel photos. To cold-call a new customer. To write another blog post. Whatever it is.

So take a minute now and start thinking about what you want to get out of this year.

Then ask yourself, why? What’s driving the desire to lose weight? Or to make more money? Or whatever it is. Keep digging until you discover what you really want.

This realization is powerful.

It’s what’ll keep you running on the treadmill when everyone else is out for pizza. Or grinding it out on your passion project after a long day at your nine-to-five job. Or give you the courage to book a ticket to go experience a whole new culture in a whole new country.

That’s how I plan to stick to my digital nomad resolutions.

What about you? What have you got planned for this year?


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