We are all gods: Developing a positive mental attitude

by Naish Yadav, inspirational blogger.

I’m a firm believer that success is in our blood. Within all of us. You just need a positive mental attitude.

You’ve seen it too. In the faces of those that fate cannot keep down. They march forward no matter what, taking the best of everything the world provides. They don’t lie in wait, scheming or fawning to the popular. They aren’t jumping on trends.

They’re simply alive.

Living a life that captures all the good that may come their way. And when it does, they simply take it. Like it’s their right, and then continue moving forward.

I’m sure you’ve come across people like this in your life. The ones who seem to have everything. The ones who are successful in all of their ventures. Who are living a life many can only dream about.

But there’s a secret.

One that many of us simply failed to pick up on. Probably because those living a successful life don’t really see it as a secret. It’s just what they do. It’s just how they are.

It all comes down to a positive mental attitude.

People will tell you there’s courses to buy and books to read, but all of that only distracts you. The single greatest thing you can do is to figure out what you want, and go do it.

Easy right? Well maybe not so much. Here’s how to get started:

Take a breath, and step outside. Lift your chest, draw your chin in and carry your head high. You’re about to embark on an awesome day. Give out smiles freely to the people you meet, and express genuine warmth and friendliness to the people who come your way.

Having a positive mental attitude is the first step.

But you’ve also got to work on your own mindset. There’s more to it than just being friendly. You’ve got to let go of the things that worry you. Yes someone may misunderstand you. Yes someone else may disagree with you. Yes there’s probably a thousand things on your mind.

Forget these. Fix your mind on a single goal, and visualize the path to it. Then do it.

If you want a healthier body, take steps towards achieving this goal. Go for a run. Go to the gym. If you’re looking for success in business, figure out what’s missing. Call more prospects. Setup a new partnership.

See what I mean?

With your mind fixed on what you’re trying to achieve, things will start to fall into place. You’ll find yourself noticing new opportunities. Perhaps a new gym opened in your neighborhood, or a new connection may be the key to expanding your customer base. That’s why having a positive mental attitude is so powerful.

By holding your goals firmly in your mind, you’ll start to transform yourself into the person you admire.

It’s a little like evolution. Darwin and Spencer talked about this in detail, but in short, they theorized that animals evolved the parts they needed because they desired them. The horse is fleet because it desires to be. The bird flies because it desired to. When your desires are fixated in your mind, your prayers will be answered.

We transform ourselves into what we wish to become. Believe in yourself. Stay positive. And you’ll get there.

It’s true for our personalities, our characters, and the success we’re able to achieve in life. With a positive mental attitude, you’ll start focusing your time on what’s really important. From here, endless opportunities will arise.

And that’s the big secret. What you think influences what you do, which influences who we can become. It all starts with developing the right mindset.

If you take hold of this positive attitude, anything is possible. You’ve just got to take that first step, to realize that you’ve got unlimited potential. With determination, we can become anything. So carry your head held high today, and every day after. We’re all gods in the chrysalis.


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