Going to a new country can be intimidating, especially the first time. Our resources and destination guides for digital nomads will help you scope out where to go and what to see, once you arrive in your new home. There’s everything from global events calendars to marketplaces where you can hire a local to show you around. Arm yourself with the right information, and make the most of your next destination.


Travel guides to get you off-the-beaten track and enjoying the best a city has to offer in just 12 hours, the only downside is there isn’t more cities (yet).


Taking a collaborative approach to travel guides, users can submit the weird, wonderful and amazing little spots that you’d never know about, unless someone told you.


A calculator to compare the cost of living between cities around the world to get a better understanding of the expenses (on the ground), before you actually move there.


Results from an annual study of peace by the team at Vision of Humanity, so you can judge the level or peace (and/or conflict) in a particular destination.


An open resource wiki for sexual, reproductive and women’s health care across the globe. Their mission is to provide practical, nonjudgmental information so that users can feel empowered and make informed decisions.


The world’s leading travel guidebook publisher, I love them because you can take their books with you without needing power in your smartphone, or an internet connection.


Ranked directory of destinations which cover everything from cost of living to fun, so you can filter the best places to visit as you travel and work all over the world.


In addition to cost of living information, the site has details on other key stats like crime rates and pollution indexes, with over 6,400 cities included


Forget being a tourist. This app lets you hire a local to show you around their city, and give you an authentic experience while you’re at it.


Locals offer their tips and insights via city guides to experience the best of their cities. So far they cover Europe, the Middle East and a little of the U.S.


Choose your preferences and let this app tell you the best cities to live, all over the world.


A city comparison tool that shows you everything you need, from visas to currency, communication tips and more.


City guides and events all over the world, with a particular focus on arts and entertainment, food and drink, film, travel and more.


An independent travel guide covering all you need to know about South East Asia. Lot’s of free information, but if you want to ask questions you’ve got to join.


For travellers seeking originality, these guys excel at off-the-grid destinations where you can live differently for a little while, and make a sustainable impact.


The world’s largest travel site. Read reviews and find out what other travellers have to say about the attractions, accommodation and everything else at your next destination.


A review site offering guides and advice on over 63,000 destinations, but what I really like is their worldwide calendar of events.


Completely free, user-generated travel guides on almost every city worldwide. You’re best spot to grab the basic information wherever you’re headed next.


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