One of my goals is to ensure I never stop learning. With that in mind here’s a few of the best courses for digital nomads, covering everything from “How to actually become a digital nomad” to niche-specific courses that will help you to succeed online. Happy learning.


Articles, tutorials and templates to make you a better designer. There’s also categories which help you to sort when you’re after a specific solution.


Interactive tutorials that will teach you how to code, so you can learn everything from Rails to AngularJS, along with lessons focused on making a website.


A guide from the team at copyblogger to help you become a better writer, and learn how to drive conversions with the words you write.


Get online access to courses from some of the best universities, with over 1,600 courses available across 130 specializations, there’s something for everyone.


Learn how to make your nomad dreams a reality, with coaching and support from people who are already having success abroad.


One of the best resources if you’re looking for help getting inspired or getting started, with hours and hours of content and a private online community to answer any (and every) question you have.


Pete Hillman brings groups of ten students together in Chiang Mai, Thailand to teach entrepreneurs how to research, develop and create an online business.


A free resource to learn a new language, using gamification techniques to get you excited about practising.


Based in London, Escape the City aims to help entrepreneurs ‘break free’ and develop the creativity, confidence and capabilities to launch their own online businesses.


In their guide to buying an online business, you’ll learn where to look and how to identify opportunities.


Become an Adwords expert with lessons from experienced instructors, helping you to test and discover what works for your campaigns.


Learn how to use Google Analytics, so you can master everything from using your reporting dashboard to capturing the data you need for making decisions.


A collection of posts dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to build a remote business, and run it more profitably.


Free online resources to help you develop the skills you choose, at your own pace. Everything from computer programming to basic math.


A six-part email course that teaches you how to build a business you can run from anywhere.


Do a formal qualification to get the skills you need to “Teach English as a Foreign Language,” and go work anywhere in the world.


Over 4,000 courses on business, technology and the creative arts, all of which you can access for a simple monthly membership.


A collection of experts share their stories and offer courses to help you build a viable online business you’re actually passionate about.


Learn how to make a real impact in your workplace, with guides to help you innovate, hire and retain the best people.


Learn from one of the masters about what it takes to be a freelancer, get your questions answered, and find the inspiration you need to become your own boss.


Access free online courses taught by Stanford University, across a wide range of subjects.


Focused on teaching creative entrepreneurs how to effectively brand and position themselves in the market, from defining a vision to finding the right customers.


An online university to get certificates, diplomas, degrees, and they even offer postgraduate study for students.


Destination-based training out of Bali’s Hubud, their courses cover a wide range of topics to help you break free of normality and start doing what they love.


Tech courses and “nano-degrees” from an online university, in partnership with industry giants like Google and Amazon.


The world’s largest marketplace for online learning, with over 40,000 courses created by a wide range of industry experts.


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