Don’t let your life on the road let you get lonely. Here’s our favorite ways to meet other travellers, for friendship or whatever else it is you’re looking for while you’re abroad. Discover how to make real connections for digital nomads.


A social app designed with travellers in mind, so you can meet up and make friends with other backpackers looking to see and do the same things you do.


A social app that lets women make the first move, and helps spark conversations after you both have “swiped right.”


A dating platform designed with digital nomads in mind, helping to bring nomads together to share all of the memories you’re creating.


Join a communal dining experience and get to know other people from all walks of life, they’re operating now in over 200 cities worldwide.


A discovery tool that lets you see where your fellow nomads are right now, and where they’re planning to go on their trip, so you can catch up with your friends in person.


A community-building app for women, to help build connections and friendships for fun, work and to live a better life.


A dating app for those seeking meaningful relationships, users here are after something serious, not casual flings or one-night stands.


A chat app that lets you connect with users who are nearby, and share a common interest, there’s over 100 million people already on the platform.


A tool that actually shows you which city other nomads are in, using location updates from Facebook, Twitter and Swarm.


When you need help on your next side-project, use this platform to find a partner who complements your skills and will help turn your idea into a reality.


Making a romantic connection as a nomad can be difficult, so try a dating app specifically designed for those already enjoying the remote lifestyle.


One of the best general dating apps you’ll find, it’s got people all over the world looking to make a romantic connection.


Find the perfect party crew, so you can go out and enjoy yourself with a group of people who love to party in over 150 countries worldwide.


An app designed to facilitate social connections, it helps you to meet likeminded people, wherever it is you may be.


A dating app that uses your location and a nifty “swipe” feature so you can quickly connect with other users who like the look of you.


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