Stay connected while you’re travelling the world by getting involved in these communities for digital nomads. You’ll have fun and make friends. Promise.


A slack group connecting other freelancers together, for friendship, advice and new job opportunities.


A community built around Nomad List, join city and subject relevant threads connecting digital nomads all over the world.


A slack group with 850 members spanning over 17 countries, connect with other entrepreneurs who are working remotely and growing their businesses.


A noticeboard and community for travellers, helping you find whatever you want, wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Join a group of up to 12 digital nomads, while working from a boat in the Mediterranean, sailing from June to November each year.


A tool to help you meet other like-minded nomads, with a focus on sharing accommodation costs, staying at digital nomad houses and inviting other nomads to stay with you.


Make friends, new connections and get inspired on a six-week retreat for digital nomads, in a resort in the Mediterranean.


An online community of female digital nomads, join their Facebook group, check out their guides,  and make sure you get along to one of their events.


A Google+ community bringing digital nomads together and answering questions on all aspects of living life abroad.

digital nomad forum

A free community for digital nomads, with a forum to ask questions and get answers, share your experiences and be awesome.


A series of coworking events to bring digital nomads together, along with a Facebook group to help you form digital connections with likeminded people.


Marketed as an exclusive private community, it’s a mastermind group of 900+ lifestyle entrepreneurs with a proven success in their business, plus they get together in Bangkok every year.


Communities focused on getting back to their roots, join a collaborative living event and reconnect with nature and yourself, while making a difference.


Join a “tribe” and be part of a group of 50 other people seeking to take their life and their business to the next level.


A map-based site showing you where other digital nomads are (right now and where they’re planning to go), so you can connect today, or arrange meetups ahead of time.


Community of travel addicts getting together to share experiences, insider tips, and a comprehensive source of travel information for those with a little wanderlust.


An advocacy group helping independent workers, they host many events and online networking opportunities in addition to the guides and joint benefits members get.


Join a community of travelling entrepreneurs to enjoy exotic locations worldwide, participate in mastermind groups, learn and build connections.


A community of expats, emigrants and travellers looking to connect while they’re abroad, using an easy interface to reach out to people who are nearby.


A community of female travellers, with a goal of making friends, arranging to meet, and staying safe while being social.


The world’s largest network of community groups. Connect with other people0 (face-to-face) through events and shared common interests.


Join a community of travelling entrepreneurs to enjoy exotic locations worldwide, participate in mastermind groups, learn and build connections.


Join a tailor-made getaway for digital nomads, to help you build connections and get excited about your business, in exotic locations all over the world.


Exactly what is sounds like, stick 200 remote workers on a cruise ship and go sail around. The focus is on forming connections, and they also organize relevant workshops.


A question and answer site for digital nomads. Topics range from general introductions to meetups and specific answers on things like avoiding ATM fees while travelling.


Currently still running in their beta, it’s free social network for digital nomads, to chat, meet and connect with other.


A facebook group targeting families in particular, to give you encouragement, advice and destination info from people who have done it all before.


A question and answer forum where you can find out anything you’d like to know on the topic of digital nomads.


Over 31,000 readers frequent this sub to ask a variety of questions on all aspects of being a digital nomad. Whilst unstructured there is a lot of good advice in this group.


Join 75 remote entrepreneurs as they work their way through twelve different cities worldwide over the course of a year.


A slack community for teleworkers and coworkers to chat and connect, along with a bi-monthly newsletter of the latest articles and resources.


A slack group formed by the team at Remotive, where you can chat around their virtual water cooler and connect with other digital nomads.


A free slack community of over 400 digital nomads coming together to share their experiences, swap ideas, and stay connected.


A global community for entrepreneurs, with a goal to educate and inspire. They host a global conference each year, along with many smaller groups all over the world.


Join a coworking holiday in Southern Europe, they offer a variety of different locations throughout the year.


A curated community of remote workers who want to experience the thrills and community of travel without worrying about the logistics, join a program and make your trip stress free.


Limiting their membership to only 150 members means the nomad members you interact with are awesome, and in addition to all their great city guides they get together for regular Google Hangouts.


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