Read up and get inspired to change your life for the better. This list contains our favorite books for digital nomads, as well as a whole bunch of user-submitted titles. There’s no excuse to not have something to read on your next digital nomad adventure.


The true story of Salvador Alvarenga whose fishing trip turned into fourteen months at sea after a storm dragged him out to sea in 2012.


A humorous book following travel writer Bill Bryson’s attempt to walk the Appalachian Trail, along with lots of great info on this history and ecology of the trail.


A guide for marketers that uses real examples to demonstrate the importance of capturing people’s attention, but advises doing so in an authentic way.


A rags-to-riches biography that captures the story of Andrew Carnegie, one of America’s most famous and successful businessmen and philanthropists.


Originally published over a century ago, the key to better health, finding your purpose, and actually achieving something is all a result of positive thinking.


To get you performing at your peak, learn the strategies and techniques to master your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life.


A memoir of William Finnegan’s life as a surfer, travelling the world and chasing dangerous waves, plus the friendship he made along the way.


Lessons learned from the Making It Anywhere team following the year they quit their jobs, lived in 23 homes on three continents, and built several businesses.


Life coach Marianne Cantwell turns the tables on everything we think we need, and demonstrates what it actually takes to build a successful life and business.


Learn the difficulties managing remote emoloyees and follow a proven set of steps to build a remote team that actually works.


Shattering the mystery of the “creative process” with stories that inspired the author, it challenges you to embrace your curiosity and do what you fear.


Discover the value of self-promotion, and arm yourself with the tools and strategies to form your marketing plan and brand image, so you can get more clients.


An inspirational tale of the Tarahumara Indians and their uncanny ability to run, learn their secrets and follow the climactic race along the Copper Canyons.


Using real examples of successful businesses, it encourages you to be an entrepreneur while teaching you the practical foundation you need to start your own.


Wilderness survival expert Dave Canterbury provides the advice and knowledge you need to learn how to make the most of your time outdoors, just in case.


Using case studies of iconic companies, the author aims to explain and analyze the events so we better understand the volatile world of business.


As the world changes, the author uses case studies, interviews and examples to inspire you to build your own business.


Advice from America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer to turn a prospect into a meeting, and to turn that meeting into a sale.


While the fundamentals of business are inherently good, learn the four strategies you can use to take your business to it’s highest potential.


A study into why things go viral, the author dives into the six basic principles that drive all sorts of things to become contagious.


Learn how to lead your employees to new heights, do something original, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the practices Pixar Animation use to stay creative.


A game-plan for your marketing team, it’s a series of steps for bringing your cutting-edge product to progressively larger markets, with a particular emphasis on the internet.


Use the power of the internet to turn your passions into a real business, and double-down on your personal brand for even greater success.


Uses history, psychology and powerful storytelling to get you to question the way you see the world, and change how you think about obstacles.


As we frantically try to keep up with the frantic blur of email and social media, the author discusses the fulfilment and achievements you can make when you do deep work.


As nine hikers died mysteriously in the Russian Ural Mountains, learn the real story behind what happened on that fateful journey in 1959.


A new take on competition, by offering something that is meaningfully different, using real examples that demonstrate the biggest success stories are the exceptions.


Discover how to reinvent yourself and get unstuck, rescuing your Mondays as you discover how to work towards achieving that job you’ve always wanted.


When you’re yearning for that big change and don’t know where to start, follow the practical advice and case studies to help dreamers, just like you, achieve their wildest dreams.


Instead of using a carrot-and-stick approach to motivation, discover the true elements that make a difference, to change how you think and transform how you live.


Follow a plan for achieving financial independence as you escape the consumer trap and free up your life to pursue interests (other than work) for a living.


Stop technology from dominating your time with 21 practical tips to stop procrastinating and get focused on “doing the right things” each and every day.


Learn how to gain an entrepreneurial mindset, change the way you think, the way you network and most importantly learn how to successfully make a living in the age of the entreprenuer.


Dives into the emotions tied to leaving the corporate world as well as the business lessons you need in order to launch a business so you can successfully “escape.”


Learn how to focus on what is absolutely essential and eliminate everything else, so you can start contributing to what actually matters.


Taking real-world lessons learnt in their SEAL task unit and launching a leadership training business, the authors detail the mindset and principles you need to achieve.


After swimming 53 hours between Cuba to Florida, Diana Nyad set a world record. Her memoir taps into what you need to face your fear, achieve your passions and never give up.


That feeling when you’re totally satisfied is called “flow,” and the author demonstrates how you can control this positive state, discover happiness, and improve your life.


Follow a series of steps that teach you how to become a writer, in less than 30 days, so you can start putting a little extra money in your pocket.


Lessons on entrepreneurship from Sophia Amoruso, founder of $100-million plus fashion retailer Nasty Gal, for other outsiders seeking a unique path to success.


How well you can interact with others is becoming a key driver of success, it’s a revolutionary look into work and relationships that examines why some people rise, and others fall.


Using data from truly great companies, discover the types of leaders, the culture, and the technology you need to replicate similar success in your own organization.


Out to prove that success comes from passion and perseverance (not genius), discover that it’s what you think when you fall, not luck or your talents, that makes all the difference.


Tapping into insights from over 200 interviews with successful entrepreneurs, learn how to build and grow your own business, on the internet.


Practical advice to be able to work safely and effectively from the road, with equipment recommendations as well as strategies for keeping your data secure.


A model for creating habits, so you can gain repeat customers without aggressive marketing, you simply need to learn how to build products people can’t put down.


A trusted resource for designers all over the world, combining practical advice and philosophical guidance to help you build a successful career in design.


Learn how to put together an impressive portfolio, as well as techniques for self-promotion to help you find work in the creative marketplace.


Learn how the creator of Dilbert overcame failure after failure, with humorous life lessons like “a combination of mediocre skills can make you surprisingly valuable.”


A riveting story that takes the readers on a journey from poverty to corporate tycoon, in a self-help tale of discovery that will have you wanting more.


A collection of practical tips, advice and stories from full-time traveller Colin Wright, that taps into the realities of travel, and how he turned it into a lifestyle.


Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) cuts through the myth that travel must be expensive, revealing the tips, secrets and tricks he uses to travel the world on the cheap.


In a follow-up to his national bestseller, Bill Bryson heads to Australia, taking readers on a hilarious ride far beyond the beaten tourist path.


A classic on persuasion, understand what drives people to say “yes” and learn the six universal principles you need to become (and defend against) a skilled persuader.


Get practical advice on connecting with your customers and beat your competition, with a blueprint to social media marketing strategies that really work.


Simple guidelines for remote work, to learn how you can build the best culture for your employees and your team to succeed.


After a cargo ship sinks, Pi spends 227 days lost at sea with a Bengal Tiger, before landing on the coast of Mexico and telling two different stories to the Japanese authorities.


Learn how to bring your best self forward, love your work, and make a significant impact on the world, by becoming a linchpin.


A guide to ideas, that takes you on a journey of success stories and failures that demonstrates the principles behind what will make your message stick.


Creative insights on how to develop multiple streams of income, with proven strategies for launching your own venture, finding opportunities, and build an entrepreneurs mindset.


Start doing your best work by changing the way you work, with wisdom and advice from 20 leading creative entrepreneurs.


Take a look inside your brain and understand how self-deception works, the harm it can cause, and steps for overcoming it.


A guidebook for women who want to turn their freelance dreams into reality, offering tips, advice and everything else you need to pursue a freelance career.


Discover what Dave Nevogt learnt about remote teams following his 12 years of experience, with actionable strategies, insights and examples to help you build your own remote team.


The story of two friends on a cross-country road trip seeking adventure, it’s a mix of sad-eyed naivete and wild ambition that’ll spark your desire to travel.


Discover everything an experienced entrepreneur wished he had known before starting in business, to avoid wasting your time, money or effort.


Challenges you to improve the world by becoming original, going against the grain and battling conformity to buck tradition and generate new ideas.


Originally published in 1982, it argues companies need to focus on more than their quarterly profit, instead focusing on innovative ways they can stay in business long-term.


Quality is no longer enough to compete, discover a step-by-step plan to master your virtual stage and get the attention of potential customers.


A guide to escape to-do lists and accountability charts, and focus on the big picture, using objectives and key results to realize big goals in a methodical way.


Guy Kawasaki’s guide to starting and operating a great organization that stands the test of time and ignores any passing fads in business today.


Get practical details on companies who have “cracked the code” and developed successful operating procedures in the new economy.


Remote dives into how both employees and employers can use the remote workforce to their advantage, with anecdotes from the writers experiences running 37signals.


Great set of “new rules” for internet-based businesses, how to focus on what’s important, get press, eliminate anything that’s not important and most importantly, just get started.


A guide to achieving your best potential with a proven method for boosting your mindfulness and emotional intelligence, from Chade-Meng Tan.


Learn how to set yourself free by becoming self-employed, working the way you want to work, on your projects of choice, from anywhere in the world.


Based on the author’s life, dive into the remarkable place that is India, across burning slums and five-star hotels, and discover what the human experience is all about.


Breaks down the process of writing with tools, examples, and inspiration for making characters come alive, sticking to a point of view, and staying positive when you get stuck.


A journey of finding your way in life as Siddhartha struggles to find meaning in his own, before ultimately finding peace and wisdom.


Dispelling the myth behind “following your passion” it argues this dangerous cliché can spark anxiety and chronic job-hopping, as passion has little to do with how people end up loving their work.


Entrepreneur Colin Wright offers his advice on building a business you can be proud of, explains why value is a better goal than money, and interviews many lifestyle entrepreneurs already seeing success.


If you’re interested in starting and running your own freelance business, this guide will help you build a sustainable income, with a client base you love in an industry you’re passionate about.


Breaks down the process of becoming a writer and give you the tools you need to become successful, get your name in print, and start making a healthy income from your writing.


A book on making your freelance career more stable, getting rid of bad clients and advice from the author who turned a laptop into a million-dollar web agency.


Expanding on the concepts taught in his seminars, learn the art of screenwriting and the “magic” that goes into telling a story that captivates your audience.


The story of Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winner and outrageous adventurer, dive into a life full of the eccentric and see what it’s like to chase your curiosities.


A set of steps for uniting the two sides of your brain, the rational and emotional, so you’re able to bring rapid change and achieve amazing results.


The remarkable story of Rita Golden Gelman, who has been living as a nomad since 1986, residing everywhere from thatched huts to regal palaces.


Advice from a panel of experts on how to pick a topic, tell a compelling narrative, and techniques for writing and selling your first book.


Valuable insights from 50 case studies as entrepreneurs turn a minimal investment (often less than $100) into successful businesses. Learn how to monetize your passion and the mistakes to avoid along the way.


Turns your typical life plan on its head, by teaching you how to outsource the non-core elements on your business, empower your team, and work less, while delivering higher value.


A bootstrapper’s bible to launching a product, learn how Dan Norris turned into a cash-flow positive business in a week (and grown it to over $400,000 in annual recurring revenue).


Tips and tricks to make money on your own terms, with easy-to-implement principles for building a lifestyle business where you work smarter, not harder.


A story of a young boy’s quest for treasure, discover the wisdom of listening to your heart, finding the opportunities that arise, and follow your dreams.


“You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to” writes author Chris Guillebeau, who advises readers to set their own rules and look for ways they can change the world.


Discover the how and why of travel, along with the allure of the exotic and the pleasure of anticipation, and the value of paying attention on your next trip.


Survey responses, case studies and real examples are used to demonstrate how we all can all be more productive using remote teams and collaboration for our ventures.


After a near death experience and subsequent decision to build an 84 square foot house, it’s part how-to and part memoir about the benefits of slowing down, scaling back and appreciating what’s important in life.


A history of the shipping container, how it changed global trade, reduced the cost of shipping, and paved the way for Asia to become the world’s workshop.


As the amount of knowledge in the world exceeds our ability to properly understand it, the author recommends using a simple checklist to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Founders from iDoneThis and Sqwiggle share over four years experience as remote workers and managers, with a focus on being effective, improving communication and tools to make your day easier.


Discover how to make it through your first year as a freelancer, taking control over your working life while gaining a sense of freedom.


Reveals the myths around starting a business, with guidelines that take you from an initial idea through to a mature company, with a focus on working on your business, not in it.


The five things you need to master in order to run an effective business, from managing your time, choosing what to contribute, and bringing the right priorities together.


A classic manual on the principles of the English language, to help you become a better writer.


Guidelines for starting an online business to capitalize on the two biggest trends today, globalization and advances in technology.


Learn how to pitch article ideas, negotiate contracts and start developing a roster of regular clients so you can start living a rewarding freelance life.


Follow the story of a young architect struggling against conventional standards and his affair with a beautiful woman who struggles to defeat him.


Essential reading for anyone starting a new venture, follow a process for customer development that uncovers flaws in your product or business plan so you can correct them now.


Written by the founder of the Freelancers Union, this is a guide to help new freelancers learn the ropes, and help you to take your freelancing business to the next level.


As the author goes in search of moments of “un-unhappiness” readers travel from America to Iceland to India, to seek out where happiness truly lies.


A typical “good-girl” buys a ticket to Ireland, befriends a free-spirited Australian and discovers her previously unrealized passion for adventure.


On a mission to visit every country in the world, the author discovers just how many others are on their own quests, in a book that challenges you to actually make your life count.


Practical advice for building a startup, including the challenges you’ll face actually running one, from firing your friends to poaching your competition.


Doing everything right can be the wrong strategy, as market-leading companies “miss the boat” because they weren’t ready to throw out traditional practices in favor of innovation.


Instead of a set of rules for success, what you really need to develop is a problem solving mentality along with the ambition to pursue opportunities, called “the knack.”


Clear and simple blueprints you can follow to start or grow your online business, with a focus on reaching a bigger audience, how to outsource and leverage your time, and build your profile.


After legendary explorer Percy Fawcett disappeared in the Amazon in 1925, discover the truths in the quest for “The Lost City of Z,” as one of the greatest exploration mysteries is explained.


Drawing inspiration from stoicism, or the ability to focus on what you can control and let go of everything else, learn how to turn challenges into one of your biggest advantages.


Arguing that real leaders aren’t made in business school, the author uses principles from the best business books to teach concepts you can apply to real-world challenges.


Originally written in 1969, it explores the incompetence running rampant in our society, our workplace, and our world in a hilarious, and eye-opening manner.


The story of Rory Stewart who walked across Afghanistan, from snow covered mountains to tribal villages, meeting everyone from local elders to teenage soldiers to Taliban commanders.


The results of a year-long study into “productivity,” with experiments like living in total isolation to avoiding sleep, and the resulting impact on the quality and quantity of the author’s work.


A guide written by veteran remote workers, learn how to better manage yourself as a remote employee, and build the foundation for a successful career.


A story of an American couple on how success happens, with a focus on the deeply social aspects of our minds, demolishing the traditional definitions of success.


Discover what it means to be a storytelling animal, and how the stories we tell can change the world for the better, and change us too.


Learn what goes into a good contract to avoid getting conned, along with the contests, conferences and seminars to avoid, and how to protect your work from copyright scammers.


Learn how to live life on your terms, leverage your existing skills to work from anywhere, use tools and outsourcing to achieve freedom, with steps to help you achieve it all yourself.


Discover how to create a small and precise push to get your products and ideas to go viral, in a phenomenon known as the tipping point.


Since starting in 2011, CEO Wade Foster has been running the team at Zapier remotely. Learn about the successes (and failures) as they’ve grown to 20+ employees, spread all over the world.


Follows Scott Berkum’s journey working for Automaticc (the company behind WordPress), to discover how they are able to tap into the benefits of a remote workforce, and free-wheeling culture.


A modern-day classic packed with ideas that have the power to not only change your life, but set you on a journey towards self-enlightenment and wealth.


Looking into history, psychology and anthropology, it touches on why adversity can be a blessing, and how we as a society are stronger when we come together.


Freelancing is about finding freedom in a more flexible way of life, and this is a guide that covers how you can make the transition and take a business remote.


Instead of “push and pray” learn how to listen and engage to bring customers to you, and build trust so you’re positioned as the logical choice, when they need you.


When you’re hit with the travel bug, Rolf Potts covers how to pick your destination, adjust to life on the road, work overseas, and how to re-assimilate back to normal life.


You no longer have to ‘go-it-alone’ when you’re building a business. Chris Ducker walks you through every step of the outsourcing process, from choosing the jobs to send remote to managing your team.


A vivid look into author Haruki Murakami’s passion for both running and writing, in a playful yet philosophical memoir that’s ideal for anyone pursuing their passion.


The true story of Cheryl Strayed’s solo thousand-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, powerfully capturing both the terror and pleasure of the journey.


The cognitive secrets that tap into what a reader’s brain wants from the stories they encounter, to hold your audience’s interest and get them eager for more.


Seeks to answer the questions aspiring freelancers have when starting out on their own, inspired by real questions received by the author across their three design blogs.


Covers the benefits of telecommuting, and explores how you can be more productive, streamline your processes and adopt best practices to achieve stellar work.


Guidelines for starting a career as a freelance writer, discover the tools you need to get money coming in, how to find work when you’re just starting out, and how to secure good clients.


A look into how we live, and a meditation on how to live better, following a father-son motorcycle trip across America.


The idea that there is still many new inventions to create, so long as you learn to think for yourself, and ask the right questions to uncover value in the most unexpected places.


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